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Stories are intended for teen and adult readers. Ratings used are as follows:

  • T for Teen-friendly material -for stories containing minimal adult language, depictions of violence, or sexual innuendo.
  • M for more Mature material -for stories containing adult language, violence, and sexual situations, though none to an extreme degree.

An Explicit rating will be added to this list if a story arises that contains extreme violence, detailed sexual situations, etc. As of now, it is not needed. Reference

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Contacts & Blog

In addition to open chapter comments, The Alibi Room on Discord is available for interactive discussions about the fandom, fic writing, and my stories.

For everything else, there’s my blog, everything but the stories, which is also open to comments. There you’ll find a slowly building collection of rambles about my writing processes, my favorite Buffyverse links (writing resources, authors, communities, and fanvids), occasional fan essays, and a little banner art.

The blog will host all story status and fanfic site updates after October 2020.