Echoes of Beljoxa

[M] Chapters: 65 Words: 123,918 Setting: Season 5, starting from Chosen Complete -Posting in Progress
Series: Echoesverse, Story 1

According to the Eye of Beljoxa, Buffy’s resurrection triggered the rise of the First Evil, a revelation which could have presented an alternate means of winning the war, if anyone had thought of it. What if someone did?

With the right witches to make it happen, time travel should be simple: Go back. Change only what needs to change. Act normal. But Buffy doesn’t travel light. The weight of her loves, losses, hopes, and regrets goes wherever she does. And so does her vampire.

Note: Although canon holds through the first half of Chosen, some between scenes details have been added, primarily in season seven.

Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards Round 32
Winner: Best Plot, Best Characterization- Female, & Best Original Character

Runner Up: Best Episode Re-Write
Nominated: Best Author, Best (Spuffy) Angst, Best (Spuffy) Drama, & Best (Spuffy) Pairing