A Matter of Her Mission [M] Unpublished WIP

A Thousand Grains of Sand [T] Unpublished WIP

A Touch of Her Style [M] Complete

Ace in the Hole [T] Unpublished One Shot

Ace Up My Sleeve [T] Unpublished One Shot

Certainty [T] One Shot

Cheese [T] One Shot

Drive by Drive [M] Unpublished WIP

Echoes of Beljoxa [M] Complete -posting in progress

Last Days of May [T] Unpublished Complete

Light the Way [M] Unpublished WIP

Nowhere To Go [M] WIP

Pieces [T] One Shot

Pinch Sitters [M] WIP

Poodle [T] Complete

Prelude to Parley [T] One Shot

Scattered Echoes [M] Unpublished WIP

Seven Stages of Bette [M] Complete

Sineya’s Warning [M] One Shot

Soldiers of Lumere Island [M] Unpublished Complete

Spike & Phoenix [M] Unpublished WIP

Stolen Memories [M] Unpublished WIP

Tales from Caritas East [M] Unpublished WIP -reorganization in progress

The Answer [T] Unpublished One Shot

The Cyclone [T] Unpublished One Shot

The General’s Artifact [M] WIP

The Ghost [M] One Shot -formerly Diary of Days

The Other Side of the Door [M] WIP -priority new story

The Paper Incursion [M] One Shot -may be pulled for expansion rewrite

The Prodigal Boyfriend [M] Complete

The Question [T] Unpublished One Shot

The Ring Talks [M] Unpublished Complete -expansion under consideration

The Sound of Her Voice [M] WIP -slow progress

The Vision [M] One Shot

You Weren’t There [T] One Shot

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